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Minnesota Football has another new helmet design for Maryland

White helmets at home? Yep!

One thing is clear, Minnesota will always be changing their best in the uniform game under Coach Fleck. This week’s wrinkle isn’t FULL BANANA big, but it continues the streak of a new uniform element being released every game so far this season. The new detail? White “Salute to Service” helmets for Saturday’s game against Maryland.

How :fire: is this?

Honestly? This is fairly tame. It looks like they’ve taken the new white helmets from the Oregon State game and applied maroon & gold block M decals (the OSU game decals were just maroon) in addition to the “Salute to Service” stripe down the center. If you’re confused, Saturday is “Salute to Servicemembers/Champions Day” at TCF.

We don’t yet know what the uniform combination will be to go with this, but my personal guess is all maroon or maroon/gold. Team NO WHITE PANTS will be out in force in the comments I’m sure.

What I find interesting is how this suggests the Gophers will have something unique (even if it’s just a slightly revised version of a standard helmet) for every game. Whether that proves to be true or not, we’ll have to see.

What do you think?