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Minnesota Football loses to Maryland, frustrated podcast edition

Crack open a tallboy of post-game TAKES.

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Soooooooooo...that happened. Minnesota played the opposite of elite, Maryland got decent production from their 3rd (4th?) string QB, and UStreet and I were left dropping in Denny Green audio clips and to go along with our long sighs and reasonably warmed up takes.

Here’s what’s in today’s postgame cooler:

  • Quick thoughts about what we witnessed today
  • Nekton of the game
  • Breaking down the defensive miscues
  • What’s holding again?
  • We are not good at running the ball
  • Breaking down Good Rhoda/Bad Rhoda
  • Are we still a bowl team?
  • Our new bit: ELITE OR NOT ELITE?

(Reading via Apple News? Go here to listen!)