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VIDEO: P.J. Fleck’s Week 2 Minnesota Football Press Conference

This is such a good watch that it deserves it’s own post.

Yesterday we had a quick summary of P.J. Fleck’s second weekly press conference of the young season. My intent was to simply embed the video of the presser in that post after the Minnesota Gophers posted it to YouTube. Instead, I’m creating a fresh post for it.

Why? Because I think this is a great watch for Gophers fans. In many ways this is as much a guest lecture on why P.J. Fleck does things the way he does. I don’t mean that to say that he was lecturing the press. Rather, it was a press conference where his passion about certain subjects resulted in lengthy, detailed answers about a multitude of topics. Those included an additional explanation of how he views his culture and possibly the best explanation I’ve seen him give about the importance of process and the steps behind the wins and losses over simply caring about the record at the beginning of his tenure at Minnesota. (NOTE: the question that leads to the latter topic is at 10:40, with the especially pertinent parts coming at 12:45)

What stood out to you from the press conference?