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Ski-U-Pahdcast Episode 002 - Talking Minnesota Football quarterback play, Buffalo recap, Oregon State preview, and 3 other sports!

We’re back!

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The Ski-U-Pahdcast is back! A big thank you to everyone who listened last week and who shared their reactions and suggestions. Just like last week, PLEASE let us know your thoughts in the comments! If you enjoy it, we’d also love it if you shared the Pahd with any podcast loving friends too who aren’t regular TDG readers. We’re having a lot of fun planning and recording these and we’d really like the this to take off.

We covered a lot of ground in Episode 2. After a traditional TDG adult beverage intro the first half of the Pahd focuses on everything Minnesota Football, from final Buffalo thoughts to QB play and on to Oregon State. We also look at the Eric Curry injury and its potential impact on the upcoming basketball season, Volleyball’s awesome start, and a bunch of hockey news. We close it out with our now regular quick question round (looking for a good name for this bit if you’ve got suggestions).

We hope you enjoy Episode 2 of the Ski-U-Pahd!

(If you’re reading via Apple News, please click here to access the podcast)

What we talked about

1:15 - WSYBD (What should you be drinking)

4:28 - Buffalo game recap

8:45 - Discussing the quarterback play and what comes next

15:23 - Previewing Oregon State

25:03 - The impact of Eric Curry on Minnesota Basketball

33:55 - Volleyball is AWESOME!


41:12 - Q/A and why GoAUpher was also know as Thumper

(NOTE: The intro music every week will be "Jump Into The Fire" by half cocked . The new outro music is “Rapping Through The Highlands” by Lobo Loco. Both tracks via the Free Music Archive.)