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Minnesota Men’s Basketball New Year’s Resolutions

NCAA Basketball: Minnesota at Arkansas Justin Ford-USA TODAY Sports

The New Year is an excellent time to reflect on the previous year and plan our big goals and dreams for the next year. Will we accomplish them? Unclear! That does not mean we should avoid setting goals. The Daily Gopher suggests the following resolutions for the Men’s basketball team.

Beat Wisconsin

Did you hear that Wisconsin has another team of gritty guys who make plays and do the little things on the court like obviously flopping? Surprise, they still do. Bo Ryan may have left but his imprint of terribly boring basketball with annoying players who are unnecessarily praised by the media continues. Minnesota is also the better team and should beat that team from the East.

Win a Game in the NCAA Tournament

Regardless of a skid at the end of the non-conference season, the Gophers are a good enough basketball team to make the NCAA Tournament. There is no reason that we should set the resolution just to be invited. Minnesota’s next step under Pitino is to actually win games in the NCAA Tournament. In addition, we frequently put Minnesota in the Final Four in our family brackets so they’d be doing us a solid to help beat Uncle Theo.

Find some bench scoring

How will the Gophers meet their second New Year’s resolution? More diverse scoring. Jordan Murphy will continue to beast out. Amir Coffey will continue to be silky smooth. Nate Mason when healthy will still be a knock down shooter. The bench? Err, currently not applicable. Good teams need to get production from the reserves, and Minnesota desperately needs additional help off the bench.

Sign Matthew Hurt

Speaking of scoring, the best recruit in Minnesota this cycle can do that and everything else. He’s looking for places where he can be one and done and head to the NBA. It would be nice if the Gophers could sign him since he does not seem to be the second coming of Kris Humphries.