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The Daily Gopher Staff’s New Year’s Resolutions

NCAA Football: Minnesota at Wisconsin Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

Happy New Year everyone! We’re thrilled as always that you celebrated, complained, and engaged about Minnesota sports, bourbon, and terrible movies with us this year. Since we do not get paid for this job, the only reason we do it is because we enjoy hanging out virtually with y’all.

We will likely have some self-congratulatory posts about the community’s growth later this month, but before that we wanted to take some time to lay out our blog’s new year’s resolutions for 2018.

Be Good to Each Other on the Gopher Webs

For obvious reasons, the last year of Minnesota sports have been rather contentious. The end of the Claeys era signaled a shift in how the football team does business. P.J. Fleck has placed himself front and center. Row the Boat is now a slogan that applies to the football program. Understandably, there has been a lot of chafing surrounding that. What we hope to do in 2018 is continue to emphasize the points of agreement and the fun of supporting the University of Minnesota.

Since we are an internet community, we also would like to mention how proud we are that our community tends to avoid all the horrific problems that plague the internet in general. That is a testament to our commenters, who manage frequently to disagree with each other without attacking each other. We’re justifiably quite proud about that, and we plan to continue in 2018.

Cover more Women’s sports

Rachel does a phenomenal job with volleyball and gopherguy05 admirably covers women’s hockey, but we would like to cover more sports and more women’s sports in particular in the coming new year. Women’s basketball is doing well this year, and we will shortly have a few articles about them appearing, but we realize that we need to cover them more. We might respond that we have real jobs and we do not get paid for this, but that’s a cop out.

Speaking of, if you would like to write about women’s sports for no money let us know.

Continue traveling to football games

GoAUpher, also known as the Water Demon, has made the resolution to continue being our man on the ground at road games. We’d wish him luck staying dry, but we know that’s a fool’s errands. Water Demons gonna Water Demon.

Let us know in the comments if you have Gopher related resolutions. Happy New Year!