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Former Minnesota head coach Tracy Claeys to star in reality TV show with Mike Leach (SATIRE)

No, this isn’t actually happening but you know you wish it was true.


Swing your sword and buy your bait!

It’s time to meet college football’s newest coaching odd couple. You might think Washington State head coach Mike Leach and former Minnesota head coach Tracy Claeys have nothing in common, but you’d be wrong! “PIRATES AND PIKE” premiering Friday, January 12 at 10PM ET/PT, follows the the Dread Pirate Leach and his affable fishing buddy/defensive coordinator as they share the emotional journey of finally working on a staff together and transition from Holiday Bowl foes to a coaching duo for the ages.

From the producers of the hit show Nick and Lane go to Disneyworld, this new series will take two coaches with completely different personalities and show viewers what happens when you throw them together in a shotgun coaching marriage of convenience. We will watch as they experience several “firsts” including coaching meetings (hilarity ensues when Tracy wants to work and Mike wants to talk about the gross domestic product of Monaco), game prep (FIRE THE CANNONS versus sloth like facial movements), and postgame interviews (SOMETIMES A PIRATE BEATS A SOLDIER vs the art of saying nothing at all). At it’s heart though, this is a story of two men who love things that involve a boat and who can bond over a shared disdain for technology (newfangled buttons and whatnot).

PIRATES AND PIKE” is produced by Satire Entertainment. The Executive Producer is noted wide receivers “coach” Brian Anderson.

About SATIRE Entertainment

SATIRE Entertainment is a New York-based television production house with a record of creating groundbreaking unscripted television that you wish was a real thing. Founded by producer Brian Anderson as a way to kill time until someone hired him, because tweeting #madonline thoughts about the University of Minnesota doesn’t fill up an entire day.

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