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Where Were You When the Diggs Play Happened?

The Minneapolis Miracle happened, Thank you Mr. Diggs

Divisional Round - New Orleans Saints v Minnesota Vikings Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images

This is a Gopher fan site and I fully understand that not everyone here shifts their fandom from the Gophers on Saturday to the Vikings on Sundays. But many do and yesterday’s improbable win over the New Orlean’s Saints was the most un-Vikings thing I’ve ever witnessed.

We all know the more “regular” Viking’s moments. Things like the Drew Pearson push off, the Daren Nelson dropped pass, Brett Favre throwing across his body, Gary Anderson and even Blair Walsh...just to name a few. But yesterday happened, Stefon Diggs and Case Keenum pulled off what was the most un-Vikings thins ever.

This Deadspin article articulates and encapsulates much of all Vikings fans were going through.

Now there were 10 seconds left on the clock and I was standing there, palms together, praying for the kind of football miracle that never, ever happens for the Minnesota Vikings.

And then, it did. I still can’t believe it. I fully expected to wake up this morning to learn that the NFL retroactively called holding on Stefon Diggs’s game-winning 61-yard catch and run, because that’s a much more Vikings thing to happen.

But I want to know where you were, what were you doing when you witnessed one of the most exciting moments in Viking’s history?

Me? I was sitting in the living room at a friend’s place. I was sitting in his recliner accepting my fate and lot in life as a Vikings fan. Sitting with fist clenched because there was still a chance. Give us about 20 yards, get out of bounds and at least we have a shot with a long field goal (that we all know was going to be missed).

Sitting, watching...the pass goes in the air but I don’t really move till I see Diggs leaping up and it looks like he may catch it. I just lean forward a little. Then he comes down with it and I’m yelling “Get out of bounds!” and I stand up. Then he starts running and for a split second I’m slightly confused till I see nobody around him and he’s walking into the endzone. At this point, I lose it.

Mind you, I’m a grown man. I have a respectable job, I’m usually pretty grounded and composed. But at this point I am prancing around the living room, squealing like a Jr High girl yelling “OMG, OMG, OMG!” My friend and I come together for an awkward, prancing hug before I collapse on the ground trying to lower my heart beat and grasp what just happened.

I was basically this little girl

It was exhilarating. It was exhausting. If a play of that magnitude were to ever happen for the Gophers while I’m in the press box I may not be able to compose myself. It’ll likely be my last game in the TCF Bank press box (sorry Paul).

Now on to internet reaction to the Minneapolis Miracle (which is a label for the play that I’m not 100% fond of, but it works)

The play looked a little something like this.

Gopher fans can enjoy this moment too.

Epic and obligatory Titanic Tweet

Sideline view of the play. This one is fun to watch because you hear a dull roar till Diggs breaks away and the decibel level leaps.

PJ Fleck tweeted before the game, no comment about the play.

Last but CERTAINLY NOT LEAST. Daily Norseman is all over yesterday’s game. It’s a good thing I’m not writing for them cause my Monday Perspective piece today would be something about “calm down, we haven’t won the Super Bowl yet.” But it was such a fun moment and I’m going to enjoy it.