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Minnesota Basketball: Gophers Seek Consecutive Wins, Heads to Maryland - OPEN THREAD

After a nice road win at Penn State, can the Gophers steal another Big Ten win?

NCAA Basketball: Minnesota at Penn State Matthew O'Haren-USA TODAY Sports





After a surprisingly strong showing by the Gophers on Monday night at Penn State, the question is whether or not they can back it up with another strong road performance at Maryland.


  • Keep Scoring - The strong showing at Penn State was largely due to the fact that we shot the ball very well. And we got Jordan Murphy the ball in situations that allowed him to score. Whatever it was, keep doing it and be ready to counter whatever
  • Force Turnovers - It isn’t really in our nature, but Maryland sucks at turning the ball over. Would love to see some pressure that gets us a few extra possessions...we’ll need them.
  • Defend the Perimeter - interior defense ain’t what it used to be, but we need to close out on shooters.


I think the Penn Stat game was a nice confidence booster, but Maryland will gain some insights from that film and things will be difficult for the Golden Gophers tonight.

Minnesota - 60
Maryland - 72