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Minnesota Basketball: Gophers at Iowa After Week Break - OPEN THREAD

Having last played a week ago, the Gophers are back on the hardwood at Iowa

Illinois v Minnesota Photo by Hannah Foslien/Getty Images





One would think that a week off for the Gopher basketball team would be a good thing. A week to get things further figured out, let Amir Coffey heal and a chance for Dupree McBrayer to get his legs back under him. Turns out Coffey reinjured his shoulder and is a game-time decision. As for the other two items, we will find out tonight at Carver Hawkeye Arena.


  • Make Threes - Iowa stinks at defending the three. Like really bad. Currently ranked 251st in the country in this defensive stat. That is a opening that we need to take advantage of. In fact overall Iowa is by far the worst defense in the Big Ten. We need to score today.
  • Pray Coffey Plays - Seems like a gametime decision. But it makes such a huge difference if he can play. With him, we have 4 starters who are all pretty good and would be playing significant minutes for anybody in the league. Four really good players gives you a chance. Three is significantly harder.
  • Attack - Attack the rim and get to the free throw line. We need time to put points on the board while legs rest.


I don’t have much confidence in this team, but truth is that Iowa really sucks too. If this were home, I may predict a win here. We’ll win a couple more games this year, is this one? Anybody remember a few years ago when Charles Buggs had the game of his life and we beat a good Iowa team on the road? Maybe Fitz or one of the freshmen guards breaks out with a big game.

Minnesota - 77
Iowa - 79