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Minnesota Basketball loses to Iowa, 94-80

Iowa has been bad. Last night the Gophers were worse.

NCAA Basketball: Minnesota at Iowa Jeffrey Becker-USA TODAY Sports

Let me throw some numbers out there for you:

  • 8 healthy scholarship players
  • 4 losses in a row
  • 1 very tired GoAUpher

With Amir Coffey and Gaston Diedhiou out to injury, the Gophers were undermanned against Iowa and it showed. But there is no way this loss can only be pinned on depth, as many of the same issues that have plagued Minnesota for weeks (extended defensive lapses, terrible 3 point shooting by the Gophers, etc, etc) continued against Iowa. The team was so outmatched last night that the Gophers NEVER had a positive win probability. That’s right, even when the Gophers briefly held a 3 point lead during the middle of the first half, Iowa was still had a 51.6% chance of winning according to KenPom.

Jordan Murphy had a studly Jordan Murphy statline (21/17) but that just can’t make it better. At this point, the Gophers are looking at the possibility of losing out to end the season. Their best chances for wins according to KenPom are Nebraska at home (50% chance) and Iowa at home (63% chance), but the Gophers have already lost to both of those teams and given how things are going I’m not sure being at home drastically flips the script for Minnesota.

Since I refuse to leave on a low note I’d like to remind you that things could be worse: