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Minnesota Basketball: Indiana Enters the Barn for Saturday Big Ten Action - OPEN THREAD

Gophers seek back-to-back Big Ten wins as Hoosiers come to town

NCAA Basketball: Illinois at Minnesota Brad Rempel-USA TODAY Sports





After taking care of business against Illinois during the week, the Gophers look to back that up with another conference win. This has been a tumultuous week for the program, but those who deserve to remain still will take the court. The Hoosiers have not had a strong season and if the Gophers want to remain a team who plans to make the NCAA Tournament, this is a game they will need to win.


  • Rock the Barn - Indiana has not yet won a road game this season. That includes a 20-point loss at Fort Wayne. Get going early and let the Barnyard help carry the squad.
  • Jordan Murphy Continues to be Jordan Murphy - The good news is that Indian’s De’Ron Davis will not be playing this afternoon. Murphy needs to continue to dominate the paint as he has. Did having a guy like Lynch on the floor help create some space for Murphy to dominate? Perhaps, but he is pretty dang talented and needs to continue to wrack up double-doubles.
  • Who Steps Up? - There are minutes available, shots available and a void to be filled by somebody. This is the first game to see who that will be. Maybe Isaiah Washington starts hitting shots. Maybe Michael Hurt takes advantage of what will certainly be extended minutes. Heck, maybe even Bakary Konate adds something on the floor.


This one is going to be tough to call. A lot of distractions for the kids this week and they’ll need to be focused to beat even an mediocre Indiana team.

Minnesota - 63
Indiana - 61