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Minnesota Football at Nebraska: Staff Predictions

Down with corn.

Predictions time for the mighty battle of Minnesota vs. Nebraska for The Chair (sorta).

The predictions

This week’s thoughts

GoAUpher: You know you want to achieve perfection Nebraska. 0-12 can’t happen if you win tomorrow. Do it for the record!

zipsofakron: Winnable road game. 0-6 opponent. Optimism from hanging with a national powerhouse. Yep, this has all the makings of a traditional Minnesota letdown.

WSR: Martinez can pass, the WRs are good, and after that Nebraska has a bunch of opportunities for Frost to complain about how he has it so badly.

mowe0018: I don’t like the fact that Nebraska hasn’t won yet this year. They have a lot of built up frustration. Additionally, we haven’t won a conference away game in the PJ Fleck era yet. So I will wait until that happens before I pick it to happen.

Season “record” so far