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Minnesota Loses to Nebraska 53-28

NCAA Football: Minnesota at Nebraska Bruce Thorson-USA TODAY Sports

Minnesota lost to Nebraska today at Memorial Stadium in Lincoln. Minnesota drops to 3-4 on the season, while Nebraska is no longer winless.

Three Facts to Know

  1. It is legitimately hard to figure out what Robb Smith’s game plan was for this game if the purpose of a game plan is to stop the other team. If the goal was to let Nebraska whatever it wanted on the ground or the air, then mission accomplished. If you recall, Smith was supposedly going to leave for the NFL in the off-season. Now at this point in the season, Smith’s defense has allowed over 300 yards on the ground twice in 5 Big Ten games.Minnesota’s defense has given up at least 400 yards in their last four games. Today, the defense allowed 661 and 52 points.
  2. Zack Annexstad did not return to the game after the half with an unstated medical issue. Tanner Morgan entered in the second half and played well. The offense briefly sprung to life. Tyler Johnson continued to be productive with his fifth 100+ receiving game of the season.
  3. P.J. Fleck is going to have some tough decisions going forward. The offense is still young, and so one can accept youthful mistakes. The defense started 9 upperclassmen. They are not young, and they are not getting better over time.

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