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Minnesota Football vs Indiana: Staff Predictions

Optimistic or just idiotic?

Predictions time for the Friday Night Delaney Special—The Indiana Hoosiers come into TCF to face the Minnesota Golden Gophers

The predictions

So because GoAUpher decided he would rather go play Whistling Straights on short notice rather than do blog stuff, and I really suck at graphics stuff, you just get text predictions rather than in a fun graphical form. Blame the tall zubazed one if you have a complaint.

GopherNation: Minnesota 33, Indiana 30

GoAUpher: Minnesota 35, Indiana 31

Gopherguy05: Minnesota 33, Indiana 31

UStreet: Minnesota 31, Indiana 28

IowaGopher: Indiana 38, Minnesota 21

ZipsofAkron: Indiana 31, Minnesota 21

Wildcat00: Minnesota 28, Indiana 24

White Speed Receiver: Minnesota 35, Indiana 34

Mowe0018: Minnesota 28, Indiana 27

This week’s thoughts

GoAUpher: I’m too busy golfing to do my job....I’m tall. (may not be completely accurate)

Gopherguy05: A blind squirrel has to find a nut sometime....right?

zipsofakron: It’s too bad because I really look forward to hosting Indiana once every 9 years.

WSR: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

mowe0018: Short week favors the home team. Night games at TCF have traditionally been wacky... expect this trend to continue.

Season “record” so far GoAUpher. So sorry for no pretty colored graphic.

GopherNation: 3-3-1 Mystery Spot

GoAUpher: 3-4

Gopherguy05: 3-4

UStreet: 3-4

IowaGopher: 3-4

ZipsofAkron: 7-0 (Well isn’t that special)

Wildcat00: 4-2-1 Off in Space

White Speed Receiver: 3-4

Mowe0018: 5-2