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Minnesota Football’s uniforms are good and some folks have too much time on their hands

A uniform post on the biggest costume day of the year felt appropriate. Also, some of y’all are freaking out way too much.

NCAA Football: Indiana at Minnesota Jesse Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

Look what Fleck did to this state with a few chrome helmets and a couple of gray uniforms. You know what I noticed? Nobody panics when things go according to plan. Even if the plan is horrifying.

If next weekend the Gophers win ugly in maroon and gold or if they wear maroon & gold and get blown out...nobody panics. Because it’s all part of the plan. But when Fleck says that one game the Gophers will wear gray, well then everyone loses their minds!

(RIP Heath Ledger)

The new uniforms are, in fact, good.

Why am I bothering to write this?

  1. Because I heard yesterday that 50+ Gophers fans emailed Fleck directly to loudly complain about the uniforms and that’s the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard.*
  2. Because it’s true.**

Number one on this list should be a self explanatory thing to mock and ridicule. WHO. EMAILS. THE. HEAD. FOOTBALL. COACH. ABOUT. UNIFORMS. There’s a reason comment sections and message boards exist. Have some common sense people. PLEASE NOTE: If you emailed Fleck about uniforms please out yourself in the comments so that I may ban you.

I have bullet points (yes, plural!) to explain number two:

  • Gray uniforms are the weakest of the combos and they get worn one, MAYBE twice, per season. Just remember that it could be worse and we could be wearing some ugly ass red while pretending that our mascot isn’t a skunk.
  • The chrome helmets are absolute :FIREEMOJI: in all weather conditions and automatically improve everything they touch while also being a surprisingly nice throwback to the “old gold” Minnesota used to wear (a benefit I didn’t really appreciate at first). I direct your attention to Exhibit A:
  • The standard school colors represent the vast bulk of what we wear, as it should be.

In conclusion, Libya is a land of contrast. Thank you.

*This is 100% the reason I wrote this because it stupid enough to make my eye twitch.
**Actually this is an opinion, not a fact.
***They don’t matter, but please don’t actually listen to me on this part because SWEET SWEET UNIFORM POST CLICKS are the lifeblood of the online blog economy.