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Big Ten Football Power Poll: Week 5

A deserving Buckeye team keeps the top spot once more

Ohio State v Penn State
Ohio State can celebrate after their huge game Saturday night
Photo by Justin K. Aller/Getty Images

For the third consecutive season I am back with my own personal Big Ten Football Power Poll. Every week I will rank the Big Ten teams how I see them, first by division, and then all fourteen teams in order. Sometimes there is rationality for how I see them ranked, and sometimes its just how I feel at the time. But I promise the rankings will make general sense—no ranking Rutgers #1 or anything stupid like that.

Week Five brought us some really interesting games and solidified some spots, both on the top and the bottom of the rankings.


Big Ten East:

#1 Ohio State Buckeyes

The Buckeyes looked like they might give up the top spot in the rankings to Penn State for much of their game on Saturday, but in the end Urban Meyer out coached James Franklin and the Buckeyes made they plays they needed to to keep the top spot. Indiana comes to Columbus this Saturday in what should be a pretty easy win for OSU, but could also be the definition of a let-down game.

#2 Penn State Nittany Lions

Penn State gave it a good fight but just could not hang on to beat the Buckeyes. But, they did play well enough to keep a good hold on the #2 spot, and probably the #2 spot overall. They get a bye week off to continue to think about what could have been before another big game against Michigan State the following week.

#3 Michigan Wolverines

Michigan looked like they were in deep trouble after falling behind 17-0 against Northwestern. But then the Wolverines turned it on and shut down the Wildcats in the second half to pull out a 20-17 win. They remain in the #3 spot, but with Maryland coming to Ann Arbor this week, it could e a bit of a game.

#4 Michigan State Spartans

The Spartans didn’t look great against Central Michigan but they did enough to win 31-20. Northwestern comes to town this weekend in a game that could be sneaky entertaining.

#5 Maryland Terrapins

Maryland had their bye week and stayed steady at #5. They head to Ann Arbor to see if they can give Michigan as much trouble as they did Minnesota. Unlikely, but you never know.

#6 Indiana Hoosiers

The Hoosiers got off to a hot start, and now are 4-1 after a 24-17 win at Rutgers..but just winning by a touchdown against the worst team in the league is not exactly inspiring. It gets a hell of a lot tougher this week in Columbus for the Hooisers.

#7 Rutgers Scarlet Knights

Rutgers lost again. Oof. Well, it’s Super Bowl week for the Scarlet Knights this week as Illinois comes to town in what on paper looks like the last winnable game for Rutgers this season.

Big Ten West

#1 Wisconsin Badgers

It was an easy bye week for the Badgers with no threats to be usurped. They get a still winless Nebraska team under the lights in Camp Randall this weekend in what could be a replay of the 2012 Big Ten Championship Game. The Badgers just scored again...

#2 Iowa Hawkeyes

Oh Iowa. Another team with an easy bye week. Now its time for FLOYD!

#3 Purdue Boilermakers

A win over Nebraska is not as impressive as it used to be, but thats two in a row now for the Boilermakers. They have fought back from a -03 start and can get to .500—but not until next week as they are on bye this week.

#4 Minnesota Golden Gophers

The Gophers get leapfrogged one spot this week by the Boilermakers but can earn it right back and more if they can find a way to keep that damn pig in Minneapolis for more than just a few hours this weekend.

#5 Northwestern Wildcats

Northwestern sure looked like they were ready to jump over Minnesota, and frankly many of you will argue that they probably should be. But blowing a 17 point lead at home to lose 20-17 is just not a good look for anyone. The Wildcats are 1-3 on the season and have a very good chance to be 1-4 after a game at Michigan State this weekend.

#6 Illinois Fighting Illini

The Illini had a bye last week but moved up a spot because Nebraksa is even more hot garbage than Illinois. But, it could all come crashing right back down as Illinois has to head to Rutgers this week in the long awaited garbage bowl.

#7 Nebraska Cornhuskers

The Cornhusker fans are not pleased as they once again watched a rough loss last week to Purdue in Lincoln. It will not get any better when the Huskers head to Madison this weekend. At 0-4 now, most likely 0-5 after Saturday—youch.

Overall Big Ten Rankings (last week in parenthesis)

  1. Ohio State Buckeyes (1)
  2. Penn State Nittany Lions (2)
  3. Wisconsin Badgers (3)
  4. Michigan Wolverines (3)
  5. Iowa Hawkeyes (5)
  6. Michigan State Spartans (6)
  7. Maryland Terrapins (7)
  8. Indiana Hoosiers (8)
  9. Purdue Boilermakers (10)
  10. Minnesota Golden Gophers (9)
  11. Northwestern Wildcats (11)
  12. Illinois Fighting Illini (13)
  13. Nebraska Cornhuskers (12)
  14. Rutgers Scarlet Knights (14)