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Gopher History Live #TBT

Like drinking beer and seeing, hearing, talking about Gopher football history? Come see me, sports historian Ryan Barland aka @hipstergopher IRL on October 12!

‘Men Drinking Beer’ circa 1900

*Normal programming note: If you’re here for #hateweek content, let me link you to my favorite Iowa/Gopher story.


Blogging about Gopher sports history and tweeting out old photos is something I started doing out of boredom at work. My day job at the Minnesota Historical Society has found out about this hobby and in an unusual turn has embraced this particular form of nerdery. I’ve recently put together an exhibit on the history of sports in Scott County for the areas, and on October 12th I’ll be giving a talk about the history of Gopher sports (mostly football) for the Dakota County Historical Society.

This IRL content will be different from the stuff I post on here. There will be plenty of video clips, and other items I can’t post on here because of copyright restrictions. Still not sure if you want to come? There will also be beer!

Sign up using the link above, and hopefully I’ll see you next Friday.