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Minnesota Football vs Iowa: Postgame Exit Survey

If failing is growth, the Gophers should feel about ten feet tall

Iowa v Minnesota Photo by Hannah Foslien/Getty Images

If you’re reading this, it means that the Minnesota Golden Gophers failed to liberate the Floyd of Rosedale from the claws of the Iowa Hawkeyes. (But failure is growth, tight?)

Don’t smile because it’s over. Cry because it happened.

What is your Tweet-length (140 280 characters or less) summary of the Gophers’ 48-31 loss to Iowa?

GopherNation: Iowa was better. If you thought that was bad, you should make other plans for Saturday.

GoAUpher: Sad haiku.

Do not give up Floyd

Your captivity will end

We will rescue you

gopherguy05: Freshman mistakes, poor execution, questionable play-calling decisions... all don’t help when playing a decent team, and it showed.

Iowa Gopher:

Ustreet: Minnesota made too many mistakes to beat a potentially beatable Iowa team.

mowe0018: Poor Floyd. Four years now in Iowa. I wouldn’t wish it upon even my greatest enemy.

To borrow a Fleck-ism, who is your pick for “Nekton of the Week” from the game?

GopherNation: I’m happy to pick the new freshman right tackle, Daniel Faalele. He locked down the right side of the line in the second half. Not only did Zack Annexstad have more time in the pocket, but the run game now should have a side that it favors. He is your new starter, book it.

GoAUpher: I’ll stick with what I said in Great Takes, Less Filling and say Rashod Bateman and Thomas Barber.

gopherguy05: I’ll go with Tyler Johnson. Rashod Bateman would also deserve strong consideration but Johnson was Mr. Trustworthy again and he showed why he is the #1 threat every game.

Iowa Gopher: Split decision between Tyler Johnson, Rashod Bateman, and Chris Autman-Bell. I can’t remember the last time our wide receivers were a matchup problem for the opposing secondary. Now, if the quarterbacks could stop underthrowing deep balls...

Ustreet: Daniel Faalele because for the period of time he was in Zack Annexstad wasn’t being murdered from the right side of the line.

mowe0018: Receiving corps. They continually give me hope for the future of the offense.

Zack Annexstad and Seth Green combined for four interceptions. Which interception was your least favorite?

GopherNation: The deep underthrown ball in the end zone.


gopherguy05: The Seth Green one. You run the Wildcat three times in a row and get stuffed on the run and then “try to catch them napping” with a bomb the next drive. You saw why Seth Green isn’t QB1 right now with that throw. Just a head scratching decision by Gopher offensive coordinator Kirk Ciarrocca.

Iowa Gopher: How about the interception in the end zone that immediately followed a 52-yard catch-and-run by Tyler Johnson? That’s such a Minnesota thing to have happen.

Ustreet: The Green interception because I’m not wild about throwing deep balls for no reason on first down.

mowe0018: All of them.

Reasons for optimism. We need some. Were there any to be found from this otherwise miserable game?

GopherNation: This was all about mistakes and lack of execution (along with some poor coaching decisions), but so much of this was due to having a lot of inexperience on the field up against a mature opponent. This is all a learning experience, what really matters is how they learn from this season.

GoAUpher: Yes, the run defense was stout against a team that prides themselves on the run. The pass offense remains a positive-looking work in progress when the offensive line keeps Annexstad upright.

gopherguy05: Freshman quarterback, two freshman running backs, and two freshman wide receivers all looked pretty good at times. If they continue to grow and the young offensive linemen get stronger and tougher, I really like the looks of this offense in a season or two.

Iowa Gopher:

Ustreet: That new right tackle looked a bit better than the old one.

mowe0018: No one got hurt? That I know of? Grasping at straws...

Which of the Gophers’ coordinators had the worse game: Kirk Ciarrocca or Robb Smith?

GopherNation: Smith had a worse game in my opinion. There is talent on this defense and it needs to be better utilized.

GoAUpher: Robb Smith, because it’s a continuation of the theme right now.

gopherguy05: I’ll say Smith, but frankly its more of a toss-up for me.

Iowa Gopher: Ciarrocca gets a pass because Iowa hadn’t allowed more than 28 points all season. Smith gets to sit a corner because Iowa hadn’t scored more than 38 points all season. And barring a miraculous turnaround, I’m not confident Smith is retained beyond this season.

Ustreet: Robb Smith, but only because Ciarrocca can still claim he doesn’t have the talent necessary on the offensive line.

mowe0018: It probably doesn’t really matter.

The Floyd of Rosedale has been condemned to yet another year of solitary confinement in Iowa City. If you could send him a message of encouragement, what would you say?

GopherNation: There are no words that can console one who is banished to another year in Iowa. I’m sorry.


gopherguy05: What I say:

What I really think:

Iowa Gopher: In the words of Andy Dufresne, remember hope is a good thing, maybe the best of things, and no good thing ever dies.

Ustreet: Take it one day at a time.

mowe0018: We’re sorry. The will be another day when you will see a Twin Cities sunrise strike your face. The Gophers will come to the gates of hell for you next year.