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The Monday Perspective looks ahead to next weekend

Seems like a lovely weekend to do something other than football

Ohio State v Minnesota

I really don’t have much to say about the Iowa game. I spoke last week of the team’s path to gaining bowl eligibility. They still need three wins and of the “toss-up games” the Iowa game was probably the one least likely for the Gophers. So we lost, it wasn’t unexpected, we move on... Ohio State.

Seems like a perfect weekend to take a break from Gopher football.

Saturday looks to be mid-50s and if the rain holds off, it is ideal for a trip to an apple orchard, maybe volunteer somewhere or put on your Michigan gear while you root for a Badger loss.

Maybe the latter is a bit too much. But ultimately, Saturday may be ugly.

I think there are currently two camps of Gopher fans. And neither are going to particularly enjoy this coming weekend.

There are those who are incredibly frustrated by this season, they were expecting more. And that’s fair to be in this camp. Even with low expectations of improvement, it is hard to find. But watching this game isn’t going to make one feel any better. The other camp is one looking at this season as part of the building process and it isn’t going to be linear improvement. Once again, this Saturday isn’t going to do much for these people either.

Best case scenario for Saturday? Well, technically a win would be the best case scenario. Best case scenario that has a semi-realistic chance of happening? This game stays relatively close. Similar to the Iowa game where we are never really threatening to win, but still within 1 or 2 scores at all times.

But currently the Gophers are 4 touchdown underdogs.

If you want to surprise the family or significant other with an activity? This is the Saturday to do it.