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Gophers and Boilermakers in the cold - OPEN THREAD

A reeling Gopher team hosts a hot Purdue squad in the bitter cold

Indiana v Minnesota Photo by Hannah Foslien/Getty Images


  • NO BIG PLAYS ON DEFENSE - PJ Fleck made the necessary change with his defensive coordinator and this defense has got to find a way to limit big plays.
  • Run the Ball - lets establish an offensive identity, run the ball and keep the Purdue defense on the field. I know Purdue is last in the Big Ten in passing defense, by I’d like to see a run game today.
  • Win Special Teams - Win the special teams battle. Need some elite punting and nail some field goals in this cold weather.


  • WR - Rondale Moore - this guy is Mr. Big Play. Keep him in check.
  • LB - Markus Bailey - 5th in the conference in tackles and 4 sacks.


Will this be the Purdue team that dominated Ohio State or the one that lost to Eastern Michigan? I think it’ll be closer to the former, but I expect a better Gopher performance today and Purdue may be a little flat.

Minnesota - 30
Purdue - 31