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Gopher Basketball Hosting Utah Utes - OPEN THREAD

A Pac12 opponent comes to town for the

NCAA Basketball: Nebraska Omaha at Minnesota Brad Rempel-USA TODAY Sports




8:00 PM



Gopher hoops was able to ease into their 2018-19 season with a comfortable win over Omaha. But game 2 is going to give them a decent test as a Pac 12 team comes to town. The Utes are predicted to be around 8th in the league, but this is a program that is well coached and typically very good at shooting and defensive rebounding.

Keys to a Gopher Win

Maroon_key_medium Key #1 - Move the Ball

Ball movement, what you do when the ball isn’t in your hands and trusting that the offense will come back around to you are tenants that Pitino has been talking about all offseason. Trust the system and move the ball.

Maroon_key_mediumKey #2 - Slow Sedrick Barefield

The team’s leading scorer (through one game) and kid who also had 8 assists in the team’s opening win over Maine. Barefield is a senior guard and one they should hound defensively.

Maroon_key_medium Key #3 - Rebound

Rebound the dang ball and dominate the Williams Arena paint please. I want to see Murphy with physical box outs and the Gophers to win rebounding on both ends.


Utah is a little down this year. They knocked the rust off with a 15-point win over a really bad Maine team. Now they hit the road and I think the Gophers take care of things tonight at home.