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Big Ten Football Power Poll: Week 9

Not a good week for the top of the West

Wisconsin v Northwestern Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

For the third consecutive season I am back with my own personal Big Ten Football Power Poll. Every week I will rank the Big Ten teams how I see them, first by division, and then all fourteen teams in order. Sometimes there is rationality for how I see them ranked, and sometimes its just how I feel at the time. But I promise the rankings will make general sense—no ranking Rutgers #1 or anything stupid like that.

Week Nine was not a good weekend for the top of the Big Ten West. Ouch.


Big Ten East:

#1 Michigan Wolverines

They had a bye and stay on top. Penn State comes to town this week in what is a huge game for the Big Ten’s Playoff hopes.

#2 Ohio State Buckeyes

A bye keeps them in 2nd. Nebraska comes to town in what should be a blowout.

#3 Michigan State Spartans

Michigan State got a big win over Purdue and heads to Maryland this weekend.

#4 Penn State Nittany Lions

Penn State got a big win over Iowa and now had a huge game in Ann Arbor this weekend.

#5 Maryland Terrapins

Maryland got a big blowout win over an awful Illinois team and now gets a big game against Sparty this week....nothing else happened this week to Maryland...right?

#6 Indiana Hoosiers

The Hooisers lose to Minnesota and then get a bye to think about their bowl hopes slipping away once again.

#7 Rutgers Scarlet Knights

Rutgers didn’t lose last week. So they got that going for them I guess. The Badger should kill them this week though.

Big Ten West

#1 Iowa Hawkeyes

Iowa had the least embarrassing loss this week in Happy Valley. They stay on top this week and head to West Lafayette and try not to get Harbored.

#2 Northwestern Wildcats

Northwestern is 5-1 in the Big Ten but lost two horrible non-conference games. Yep that makes sense. Huge game Saturday night when they host #4 Notre Dame.

#3 Wisconsin Badgers

The Badgers were down a qb, but that should not have mattered that much. But its a get right this week when Rutgers comes to town.

#4 Purdue Boilermakers

Purdue couldn’t keep their hot streak alive in East Lansing, but still are looking ok. Iowa comes to town this week in what is a big game for both teams.

#5 Nebraska Cornhuskers

Two in a row for the Huskers and their fans are getting cocky. They think they can win in Columbus this weekend....good luck with that.

#6 Minnesota Golden Gophers

A big win over Indiana last Friday leads into another absolute must win game in Champaign Saturday.

#7 Illinois Fighting Illini

Illinois is bad. Very bad. Don’t lose to them Gophers.

Overall Big Ten Rankings (last week in parenthesis)

  1. Michigan Wolverines (1)
  2. Ohio State Buckeyes (2)
  3. Michigan State Spartans (3)
  4. Penn State Nittany Lions (4)
  5. Iowa Hawkeyes (5)
  6. Northwestern Wildcats (10)
  7. Wisconsin Badgers (6)
  8. Purdue Boilermakers (7)
  9. Maryland Terrapins (9)
  10. Nebraska Cornhuskers (11)
  11. Minnesota Golden Gophers (12)
  12. Indiana Hoosiers (8)
  13. Illinois Fighting Illini (12)
  14. Rutgers Scarlet Knights (13)