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Halftime Update in Madison: Gophers 17 - Badgers 7

I will not get excited, I will not get excited

NCAA Football: Minnesota at Wisconsin Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports


Wisconsin missed an early field goal and Alex Hornibrook threw a bad ball intercepted by Coney Durr to be held scoreless in the 1st half. In their 2-minute offense, Hornibrook drove the Badgers down against soft Gopher coverage, scoring with 0:01 left for their first touchdown of the game.

While Minnesota hit a 34-yard Emmit Carpenter field goal plus a Mohamed Ibrahim touchdown on 4th and inches. Oh and then Demetrius Douglas takes a Badger punt 69-yards for a touchdown with less than 1:20 left in the half.

We have been here before, but Gophers lead 17-7 at the half.


  • Badger turnovers - 1, Gopher turnovers - 0
  • Jonathan Taylor with 66 yards rushing.
  • Blake Cashman ejected after being called for targeting, that’s not a stat, but it is key.
  • Tyler Johnson with 63 yards receiving on 3 receptions.


The Gophers have really struggled in Madison in second halves. They held a 10 point lead in 2016 only to give up 24 unanswered points in the second. In 2014 they led 17-13 and were outscored 21-7 in the second. We have been here before.

Wisconsin gets the ball to start the third quarter.