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WATCH: Gophers return home to share Paul Bunyan’s Axe with fans

It’s safe to say Gopher fans are excited to have the Axe back

Head coach P.J. Fleck addresses a crowd of fans as the players on stage hold Paul Bunyan’s Axe Gopher Sports

Have you had enough Paul Bunyan’s Axe-related content yet?

No? I didn’t think so.

When the Minnesota Golden Gophers touched down back in Minneapolis last night — with the Axe safely in tow — they were met by a welcoming party back on campus.

Minnesota Daily’s Drew Cove was able to live stream the team arriving at the Athletes Village and captured head coach P.J. Fleck addressing the crowd.

If you’d like to hear Fleck — and it is well worth a listen — skip ahead to the 5 minute mark.

“Everybody gets to touch the Axe!”