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Minnesota Golden Gophers Gift Ideas For 2018 #TBT

It’s your annual Gopher ‘December to Remember’ gift idea event!

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Most years that I’ve done this bit I’ve scoured ebay, etsy, and other places for historic items for the fan in your life. This year I’ll use this platform to pitch the idea of getting that somebody tickets instead. Much has been made of declining attendance, and the only one to turn that around is YOU! Don’t want to gift someone season tickets? Buy them a bowl ticket from the U of M and donate it to the bowl game’s local charity. This way the U of M gets credit for ticket sales and someone gets a ticket to the game. If I recall correctly once the Gophers bowl destination is announced there is usually some grassroots effort to buy tickets and donate them to a local charity.

For the more materialistic among you, here are some curated items that would make great gifts.

University of Minnesota Auctions

One stop shopping for any sports fan, also with the added benefit of helping the Athletic Department. Obviously a lot of autographed merchandise, and some good swag, but my favorite thing in the auction are these championship banners.


Memorabilia Shopping

You can really find anything on ebay these days. Case in point, if you’ve got an extra $1,550 laying around you can own a 2003 Sun Bowl Champions player ring. Go on, steal the valor.


Obviously ebay is full of more reasonable gifts too. From vintage basketball practice jerseys, Deon Hightowers game worn football jersey, to baseball and hockey game worn gear.

Need something for your wall? also a fan of Schmidt beer and the 1982 Big Ten Champion Gopher basketball team? We’ll you’re in luck.

So cool

Looking for something else to put on your wall? Say no more fam. Below is my yearly rant.


You like historic pictures, I mean who doesn’t? Giving historic sports images to the person who has everything says, “bullshit you don’t have everything, here is a cool as hell photo to put in a frame and on your wall.”

You can buy Gopher images for football, basketball or hockey from the Minnesota Historical Society. From MNHS you can search anything your heart desires and what you are buying will be a reproduction made from the original, you can buy it online and it’ll be shipped to your door. I have several of these and no one knows it’s not the real thing, suckers.

If you want a real vintage photo they are for sale on ebay. Most of these photos come from a people like John Rogers, who is kind of an a-hole. So I’d advocate you don’t buy those prints on ebay.


Need something to put on your wall? Nothing says ‘I’m a classy fan’ like the homemade rube gear found on etsy.

Well, that’s about it for this year. Good luck shopping and don’t bid up that 1941 National Champions banner, I’m hoping to buy it for myself this year.