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Robb Smith’s defense gets torched in horrendous Minnesota loss to Illinois

Fire Robb Smith.

NCAA Football: Minnesota at Illinois Mike Granse-USA TODAY Sports

Look, this game was hot garbage. Let’s summarize:

  • The Minnesota defense under defensive coordinator Robb Smith is a a complete and utter failure (understatement). He needs to be fired. After the season at a minimum, but honestly right now is fine too. When you’re able to make Lovie Smith coached Illinois look explosive on offense ALL GAME LONG, it’s time to face facts.
  • The linebackers, which had been a strength of this team, have regressed badly. It’s insane. Guess who coaches them?
  • I mean, Illinois wasn’t doing anything fancy. And yet they got HUGE holes because the Gophers linebackers took themselves out of every play. Like, Thomas Barber consistently ran to the edge leaving the middle wide open despite that being exactly how the Gophers were being gashed up the middle. That is scheme. Scheme is Robb. Robb is bad.
  • We got the rough version of Tanner Morgan today, which I assume is the version of Tanner that got beat out in the fall.
  • Sam Schluter had to play after Donnell Greene was declared out before the game. He didn’t play great, but was number 10 on the list of issues today.
  • If you want positives, well, I’m really not in the mood. Sorry.
  • Ok that’s a lie. I have a bright spot. Rashod Bateman housed two slants for long TD’s. That was fun and a reminder of the fact that the offense isn’t the real issue here. Oh dammit I got negative again.