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Minnesota Basketball: Gophers in Madison to Face Badgers - OPEN THREAD

Can the Gophers get a win in Madison against a weak Badger team?

NCAA Basketball: Minnesota at Indiana Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports





This game matters to me. Once the Gopher season spiraled out of control into the second abysmal season in the last three, this is the one that stuck out to me. The Badgers? They aren’t very good either. Granted, they have their full roster and are just not very good. But this is a game that I desperately want to win. End the 8-game losing streak, get a win in Madison and at least salvage some respect for this lost season.


  • Monster Nights from Murphy and Mason - This is just copied/pasted from previous threads, but we need these two to lead and dominate. I think a good game from Isaiah Washington would really help as well, particularly as it relates to the following two keys.
  • Control Davison - Brad Davison is not “that” dangerous on his own, but this is one of those situations where I fear he has a monster game as a big middle finger to the Gopher staff for not recruiting him hard enough out of Maple Grove. Just keep him in check.
  • Find an Offense - Shocker...Wisconsin is slow. Pick up the pace a bit and make them get uncomfortable.


Rational Gopher Nation says this is a loss. We stink. Wisconsin isn’t very good either, but they they stink less. But forget being rational. We are going to steal this win in Madison and I’ll be much happier about the finish of this season.

Minnesota - 69
Wisconsin 67