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Minnesota Football releases new uniforms for 2018 and beyond

The Gophers got the first look at their new threads Tuesday morning.

The Gophers have released their 2018 Uniforms

We knew it was going to come soon, but didn’t know exactly when. Well, its here. The Minnesota Golden gophers football team unveiled their new uniforms for the 2018 season—and beyond Tuesday morning.

The uniforms are being called the Nike H.Y.P.R.R. ELITE uniforms. Gopher head coach PJ. Fleck has repeatedly said the uniforms would “Embracing the past to create the future” Well, now you can decide that for yourself.

Here is how the Gophers describe the new uniforms from the new shiny website dedicated to them—

It’s Row The Boat meets Ski-U-Mah and the results are a bold - yet understated sophistication - for the Minnesota football team.

Minnesota will have more than 100 possible uniform combinations next season, but will stay true to tradition. The Gophers introduced three new jerseys (Maroon, White and Anthracite), three helmets (Maroon, White and Gold) and four pairs of pants (Maroon, White, Gold and Anthracite) to choose from next season in addition to an ever-changing array of shoes, socks, facemasks and other accoutrements.

Minnesota’s new Gold helmet and pants honors the past as it is a deeper shade of Gold - a Dart Gold - that resembles what the Gophers previously wore and is a shade that fans have longed to see again. The Gold helmet is also chrome, which again follows the theme of embracing the past to create the future. Minnesota’s Anthracite jerseys are also adorned with Dart Gold trim.

A unique pattern of an oar, boat and compass are emblazoned on the jersey numbers and collar to represent the program’s Row The Boat culture. An oar also makes up the center stripe on the helmet and a compass with the player’s number inside of it is displayed on the back above the school’s traditional Ski-U-Mah cheer.

The program worked closely with Nike and lead designer Josh Iverson to come up with the new uniforms. Iverson also designed Minnesota’s previous uniforms, which were worn for six seasons from 2012-17.

The uniforms were unveiled to the team at at 6 AM team meeting Tuesday morning by Gopher alums Dom Barber, Maxx Williams and Marqueis Gray. I’m sure we will get a video of that very soon.

They will make their debut at Minnesota’s Thursday night opener August 30th against New Mexico State at TCF Bank Stadium. If fan’s want a sneak peak, the uniforms will be available to been seen at both the Gopher Women’s Basketball game against Indiana Tuesday night and the Gopher Men’s game against Iowa on Wednesday night.

Here is a video of the new uniforms:

There are tons of pictures of the individual components and potential uniforms combinations at the website we linked above. Go check them out and tell us what you think. We will have a post on our opinions later this week.