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New Minnesota Football Uniforms - Exit Survey

The Daily Gopher staff weighs in on the most important topic of the football offseason: the new uniforms.

New Gopher football uniform Gopher Sports

By now, you’ve hopefully had a chance to check out the Minnesota Golden Gophers’ new football uniforms that were unveiled Tuesday morning. (If not, stop reading and click here. We’ll wait.) Because uniforms obviously determine the outcome of a season or portend the fate of a football program, you’re now either convinced the Gophers are headed to Indianapolis or that second-year head coach P.J. Fleck needs to start packing his oars.

Ignoring the fact that we are not the intended audience for these uniforms, the staff of The Daily Gopher is here to offer their thoughts on this very important critic.

What are your Tweet-length (now 280 characters or less) first impressions of the new uniforms?

GoAUpher: As always, this answer comes in the form of a haiku***:

Chrome lids are super fire

Maroon with the chrome is the best

Anthracite is meh

***NOTE: It was pointed out to me that the slapdash haiku above didn’t follow the 5-7-5 format and for that I am truly sorry. Here is a revised version that is not horribly sacrilegious:

Never forget friends

The uniforms aren’t for you

Thank millenials

gopherguy05: It’s a bit of meh. I like some, not a fan of others, but won’t really care either way once they are on the field.

IowaGopher: I went from “New uniforms!” to “I don’t know about these...” to “I kinda like these...” to “Oh who cares.” It was quite the emotional journey.

Ustreet: There is a distinct lack of Goldy on the helmets

WhiteSpeedReceiver: Not bad. I’ve seen far worse.

zipsofakron: I’m a curmudgeonly traditionalist who hates uniform changes and even I’m on board with these. Except for the yellow pants. WHAT ARE THOSE?!

Favorite new uniform combo?

GoAUpher: As poetically noted already, all maroon with chrome is the best combo, IMHO.

gopherguy05: Maroon, white, maroon. I really like the new white jerseys, and they look even better sandwiched between maroon elements.

IowaGopher: Maroon helmet, maroon jersey, and white pants.

Ustreet: The ones they win in.

WhiteSpeedReceiver: Chrome-Maroon-Maroon. That’s just elite.

zipsofakron: Chrome-maroon-maroon. Those helmets just speak to me and I love the white numbers.

Least favorite new uniform combo?

GoAUpher: Anthracite top and gold pants is just... yea.

gopherguy05: Chrome, anthracite, gold is fugly. I’m not a big fan of chrome, maroon, maroon either.

IowaGopher: Chrome dome, anthracite jersey, and gold pants. Anthracite sandwiched between two different shades of gold is just... no.

Ustreet: The ones they lose in.

WhiteSpeedReceiver: Yeah, I worry about Chrome-Anthracite-Gold looking a little bit... pigeoney. Don’t let the pigeon drive the bus, and don’t wear uniforms like them either.

zipsofakron: Anthracite and gold pants. It looks like the uniforms got lost in transit and they had to use last year’s pants.

There are fans that consider white pants for home games to be sacrilege. Are you one of them?

GoAUpher: It’s not sacrilegious, but I’m not like a huge fan or anything. Would really prefer they not, if possible.

gopherguy05: No. I like the gold more, but I’m not going to go all Mike Pence and walk out if that’s the statement they want to make.

IowaGopher: No, and I don’t understand where this contempt for white pants at home games comes from. White pants are pants too.

Ustreet: No.

WhiteSpeedReceiver: Yes. Especially since nearly all the home games will take place after Labor Day. Just gauche.

zipsofakron: I’d be more concerned if they started wearing white jerseys at home.

There seems to be a distinct lack of gold in the new uniforms. How much sleep will this cost you?

GoAUpher: Not that much, mostly because I’m fully confident we’ll see full banana one-offs. Honestly, this is actually the way things “used to be,” so much like I got used to having a gold top in the normal rotation with the Kill unis, I’ll adjust to there not being a gold top in the Fleck unis.

gopherguy05: I did miss a gold jersey, and my hope it that it arrives in one of the one-offs later this year and becomes so overwhelmingly popular that it ends up sticking around.

IowaGopher: I have not forgotten that Fleck blessed us with “full banana” back in September, and I have faith we’ll see a triumphant return at some point.

Ustreet: None.

WhiteSpeedReceiver: None, but only partially because I don’t sleep to begin with.

zipsofakron: Our “gold” has slowly transitioned to a yellow over the years, so I think it’s time for a reset anyways. There’s a reason we refer to it as banana.

Last (and most important) question. What era of Gopher Football featured your favorite uniforms?

GoAUpher: The Kill era unis are my fave. They had the right tone of maroon, IMO. In general I’m cool with these unis, but I’m not a huge reddish maroon guy, so that is going to take some getting used to.

gopherguy05: How about the Guty era mesh cut off jerseys that showed off all the players abs. No? Honestly, I’m kind of indifferent.

IowaGopher: I’m partial to the uniforms from the Jerry Kill era. I thought they were a simple but solid return to form after the unnecessary piping from the Tim Brewster era. Anything but the god awful M_M uniforms from the Jim Wacker era.

Ustreet: The 1930s. They won the most in those uniforms.

WhiteSpeedReceiver: 1992-1995. Chris Darkins in the M__M, and I will fight anyone who says otherwise. BRING THEM BACK FOR ONE GAME AGINST IOWA WEARING THEIR BANANA PEEL UNIFORMS!

zipsofakron: YES, what WhiteSpeedReceiver said. M_M forever.