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The University of Minnesota Marching Band is ready to travel

Time to help the Pride of Minnesota!

Fresh off a surprise performance in the Super Bowl with Justin Timberlake, the University of Minnesota Marching Band is ready to start touring. For years Minnesota fans have lamented the fact that the U’s School of Music never sets aside (or fundraises) any money to allow the band to travel to away football games. That’s about to change, but to make that happen the Pride of Minnesota needs our help!

Many Big 10 marching bands travel to away games, but due to lack of funds the University of Minnesota Marching Band hasn’t traveled (with the exception of bowl games) since 1996, before most current band members were born. We can change that!

A generous Band supporter is offering a dollar-for-dollar match up to $100,000 for donations made to the band’s new travel fund until the end of March. If we can reach the goal, the band will be able to travel to one of two key away games to Nebraska or Ohio State during the 2018 season and save for travel for the 2019 season. The hope is to turn this fund into an endowment that can support travel for many years to come.

Please GIVE and help us spread the word about this match!

If you’re interested in talking with a development officer regarding a large gift, please contact Jake Muszynski at or 612-626-5141.

Thank you for supporting the Band.

HATS OFF to whatever generous individual is putting up that kind of cash for a dollar for dollar match. This is long overdue and I’m excited the U is using the exciting appearance of the band at the Super Bowl to jumpstart this effort! I’m extremely excited by the opportunity this presents and I’d love to see the Pride of Minnesota in the stands when I’m at Nebraska or Wisconsin this fall. Join me (and many others) in making that happen by heading over to the donation page and giving now!