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Minnesota Football takes full advantage of the Super Bowl

The Gophers are approaching their PR opportunities with a Nekton mentality.

NCAA Football: Maryland at Minnesota Jesse Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

Last week we talked about the many opportunities that Coach Fleck had to grab some publicity for Minnesota Football in the lead up to the Super Bowl. It was easy to see how a lot of this great publicity could be packaged into a sales pitch for recruiting. Last night the Gophers released a video that gives you a taste of what recruits have got to be hearing from Fleck and his staff this week.

Honestly, this is perfect. Fleck, the U, and the Twin Cities come off as THE place to be and the program gets all sorts of testimonials from folks who don’t have specific ties to the U. I mean, it’s always nice when the soon to be 1st round draft pick QB who played for a huge helmet school talks up your facilities (thanks Sam!)

All in all this is great work by the Minnesota Video team, Fleck, and everyone else who put in time making last week into a big one for the Gophers. Who knows exactly how much it pays off, but their efforts have done nothing but help the program.