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Ski-U-Pahdcast: The one where Greg Schiano rickrolls us

Also, why you should be paying more attention to women’s basketball and a treatise on the awesomeness of Prince.

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Greg Schiano is a jerk. We’d recorded a perfectly good Pahdcast, including a decent section on what we thought of the seemingly certain departure of defensive coordinator Robb Smith and then this happened.

Seriously Greg, do you know the extra editing you left me with?


Anywho, welcome back to the Pahd! Lots to talk about this week:

  • Why you should be watching Minnesota women’s basketball
  • Football coaching moves, minus Robb & Greg’s Bogus Journey
  • Incoming WR Jornell Manns suffers a knee injury
  • Non-rev updates for both gymnastics and track
  • Ok, fine, we’ll talk about men’s basketball
  • QUESTION TIMETM, otherwise known as PRINCE IS THE BEST time

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