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NCAA Tournament, Your Fondest Memories

What are your favorite NCAA Tournament memories

NCAA Basketball: NCAA Tournament-East Regional-Wisconsin vs Florida Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY Sports

Today is the day! It is Christmas morning for some of us as the 2018 NCAA Tournament effectively gets underway. The games begin in just minutes. Year after year the NCAA Tournament produces some fantastic and memorable moments.

Dating back about 15 years I have made this a holiday in my life. I take off work on Thursday and Friday, Friends and family come and go as we watch basketball for 4 straight days. Back before the days of all games being broadcast, I would purchase the DirecTV package, set up a second TV and my place was the place if you wanted to access all of the games. This weekend is my favorite weekend.

Below are a couple of my fondest memories. The comment section is where you should share yours.

1993 Steve Nash and his Santa Clara Broncos take down #2 Arizona (Video)

This may have been when I became hooked. I was at school that evening for a reason I cannot recall. But I would sneak away into an AV room to watch this game unfold. Upsets happen, and this one hurt me. I was hooked!

1995 Gophers lose to Saint Louis Bilikens

Not a particularly great memory, but this was my junior year and I had given my mom some BS excuse why I needed to stay home that day. Of course she walks in the door as the Gophers are making a comeback to push this game to overtime and she sees me jumping up and down yelling at the TV. She wan’t very happy.

20 West Virginia Pittsnoggles #2-Wake Forest and nearly Louisville the following weekend

With friends over to watch, this game was an epic NCAA Double OT game. This is memorable as the term “You got done Pittsnoggled, son.” became a thing in my circle of friends.

2017 Florida buries Wisconsin

To be honest, I didn’t even get to see the OT of this game. I was driving home from hanging out with a friend, but this game produced the following.

So many more great NCAA Tournament memories, but please share yours. I love this weekend!!!