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Minnesota Hockey: Bob Motzko Press Conference Recap

He seemed to say all the right things

Mark Coyle officially introduces Bob Motzko
Andy York-The Daily Gopher

Bob Motzko held his first press conference as the head coach of the Minnesota Golden Gophers hockey team this afternoon. He was introduced by Gopher athletic director Mark Coyle, gave an introductory statement and then took questions from the assembled media.

If you missed the press conference, you can see it below:

Here is a bit of a twitter recap of the presser if you want to avoid the tl;dr version:

And a Few Specific Points to Note:

Mark Coyle did a very good job at putting this together. It was an event—not quite as big as the PJ Fleck hire press conference but just as jovial an occasion. Several Gopher Hockey cheerleaders were in attendance as was Goldy Gopher.

Most notedly there were several Gopher Hockey alums in attendance. The Gophers held a lunch prior to the press conference for alums to say good bye to Don Lucia and welcome Motzko. Motzko specifically addressed making sure to work together with the alums to move in the same direction to get things done in the future. I feel that this is the most positive non-alum hire there could be, and the alums sense this too.

It was great seeing the two most recent Gopher Hockey coaches in attendance in Don Lucia and Doug Woog. Both coaches were very important to Motzko’s development as a coach as he said in his press conference. Two have two guys who did the job before him for 14 and 19 years respectively there to give him advance and smooth him through the transition can only be a good thing. As Motzko said he has had a very good relationship with every single Gopher hockey coach going back to Glen Sonmor—whether it be on the ice, or in the media. Motzko grew up a Gopher fan and tried out for the team for two seasons getting cut by former Gopher coach Brad Buetow each time. He is as close to an alum as one can really be without being one.

While the exact details of Motzko’s contract will still be worked out before it is approved by the Board of Regents and officially becomes effective, we got the rough details of the contract in the offer sheet that was signed by Motzko:

  • Its a 5 year contract
  • He will make $525,000 in the 2018-19 season. This number is lower due to the fact that Minnesota still needs to pay Mike Guentzel and Scott Bell for next season on top of whomever the new assistants may be
  • Motzko’s salary jumps to $565,000 in 2019-20 and then her gets 5% annual raises each successive year of the contract.
  • His pay will be split between direct salary and deferred compensation—just like Don Lucia’s was
  • He is eligible for bonuses based upon academic and athletic performance goals
  • He is provided the use of one vehicle by the University
  • If he is fired by the U without cause, his buyout is $2 Million in year one, $1.75 Million in year two, $1.4 Million in year 3, $1 Million in year four, and $650,000 in year five.
  • The buyouts are the same as above of Motzko leaves for another college program
  • If Motzko leaves for an NHL job, the first two years are the same, but the buyout drops to $1 Million in year three and just his annual salary amount in years four and five.

The Motzko era is off and running. He will surely start hitting the recruiting trail hard in the near future and try and get some of the players he wants into the program. As he said there is no timetable for hiring his assistant coaches, but those hires will be scrutinized closely to try and determine the style of play he wants to use. As soon as we hear of them, we will provide them to you here.