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Gopher Wrestling Sends 7 to NCAA Tournament

Jake Short teaching a rutgers kid how to lose a wrestling match.
Mike Carter-USA TODAY Sports

In what I would have considered to be a completely amazing best-case scenario if you would have asked me about it a month ago, Gopher Wrestling is sending 7 to compete in the NCAA tournament next weekend (March 15th-17th) at Quicken Loans Arena in Cleveland.

The Gophers have been struggling with injuries and, to be blunt and impolite, talent issues at a number of weight classes all year long. This is displayed front-and-center with our 10-8 (4-5 B1G) record this season and the 7th place finish at the B1G Championships last weekend. While 125 Ethan Lizak (runner-up), 149 Steve Bleise (8th place), 184 Brandon Krone (5th place) placed above their seeding, most of the rest of the team slogged their way through the weekend and took advantage of the dominance of the B1G and the conference’s 80 automatic spots (out of 330 total).

The Gophers that qualified to compete next weekend are:

  • 125 Ethan Lizak (8 seed)
  • 133 Mitch McKee (16 seed)
  • 141 Tommy Thorn
  • 149 Steve Bleise
  • 157 Jake Short
  • 165 Nick Wanzek (12 seed)
  • 184 Brandon Krone

Brackets are available here, and I’ll try to write some more next week leading up to the event. It’s alwaya good to see Gophers competing in national tournaments, even if there’s not a whole lot of expectations to go along with them. In the meantime, here’s next year’s 285, Gable Steveson, making a mockery of his state title match. It’s perfectly OK to watch that and dream about him winning a B1G title in Minenapolis next March and then competing for a national title in his first year.