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Comcast/Xfinity reportedly dropping Big Ten Network, confusion about just who is affected

If true, this will be bad for at least some of you.

A View Of The Comcast Center Photo by Cindy Ord/Getty Images for Comcast

Hate to be the bearing of potentially bad news, but it is starting to look like Comcast/Xfinity will be dropping the Big Ten Network next month.

At first it sounded like they were dropping it everywhere (link to Hammer & Rails sleuthing) which would have screwed over Gophers fans in the Twin Cities. But now it looks like they’ll just be dropping it outside the Big Ten footprint.




I dunno. I was already hard at work on this when the “outside the B1G footprint” info started to trickle out don’t blame me for the confusion. As you can see from the link to Hammer & Rails above, the Comcast front line folks don’t seem to be on the same page as the PR folks (shocker) so expect some mixed messages on this for a while.

UPDATE 4/12 4:15PM CT


Comcast is still terrible. If you have them and don’t live in the Big Ten footprint you’re definitely going to hate them more. If you live in Minnesota and have them then you might only hate them the regular amount unless they change their minds and screw you over by taking away your BTN before football season.


Stay frosty and hate Comcast/Xfinity.