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Minnesota Football: Ranking the top 10 Most Important Gophers for 2018

Your chance to give your input, who are the most important players to 2018 success

NCAA Football: Nebraska at Minnesota Jesse Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

Time for you to cast you vote. We want to know your top 10 most important players to the success of the 2018 season.

Now, we have carefully selected those words. We are not asking for the best players or your favorite players, but we want you to rank the players you feel are most important to the success of the upcoming season.


Your link to the super fancy Google Form is above, give us your top 10.

A few caveats

  • I only entered 25 names as options. There are not tight ends, punters, few backups and maybe I left off your favorite player. Apologies, but no offense was intended. The fact is that most of the names one could argue belong on that list are important...not likely guys who would consistently garner votes to rank in the top 10. Were Maxx Williams still on the roster, he’d be on this list. Were Shannon Brooks healthy, he too would be on this list. But Colton Beebe and Mohamed Ibrahim are not going to make this particular list.
  • There is no logic in this form to eliminate names that you’ve already selected in prior questions. Please do your best to select 10 distinct names. And any submissions that are clearly intentionally boosting votes for a particular player will be excluded.
  • Hopefully this gets a little bit interesting as to who makes the cut and then also who ends up being the most important. It very well could be Rodney Smith, perhaps Antoine Winfield Jr. or even a surprise name on the list. We aren’t sure who will be the quarterback, but pick one between Tanner Morgan and Vic Viramontes.

This should be fun. Please go vote.