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Glory Days Open Thread: What was your most notable athletic moment in your past

NCAA Gymnastics: Men’s Gymnastics Championships Matt Marton-USA TODAY Sports

If you follow various social media, you may have seen a video of a player doing three glute ham raises in a row.

Not one, not two, but three reps for @chaseedmonds22.

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SportsCenter even put it on their official Instagram page because we should celebrate assistance exercises. But only three? Clay Geary scoffs at three.

Our guy @claygeary18 isn’t human.

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We salute both of these athletes for making themselves better, but it got the blog collective thinking about our past achievements. Therefore we are introducing Glory Days, a Friday open thread for people to discuss their past or present achievements, athletic or otherwise.

Did you make a one handed catch between two defenders, flip the ball behind your back to evade a third trying to break up a pass, and then deke another defender to score a backyard football touchdown when you were 11? Just me?

Did you once complete an unassisted triple play? GoAUpher did. He will probably swing by the comments to tell you about it?

Did you nail that presentation deliverable? We want to hear about it.

Did you put together a great dinner for the family and have a pleasant meal where everyone shared interesting moments of their day? Make it Maroon.

Let us know in the comments.