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How do you cook that? The Daily Gopher wants your food questions

No seriously...

Summer is upon us, which means two things. One, the amount of college sports news slows to a trickle. Two, it is the silly season.

This year, we are embarking on an ambitious* plan to delve into the important topics of the day. First up, food preparation. College sports and food go together like hating wisconsin and being a right thinking person. But how should you prepare your tailgate? What’s the proper way to cook a steak? Which coach is the best cook? Is that article about Brooklyn BBQ taking over the world unbelievably dumb?

The answer to the last question is obviously yes, but the rest and more will be discussed on our next pahdcast. All are fair game. For that matter, statements are also acceptable. If you have a strong preference on proper cooking technique, tailgate or otherwise, drop that take in the comments or mention us on twitter.

Please. Ask us some things. We don’t want to let @GoAUpher ramble on about Cincinnati chili for 30 minutes. (psst...its not chili).

* Narrator “It is not ambitious.”