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Minnesota Basketball’s Big Ten schedule announced

Don’t worry, December games are still a thing.

NCAA Basketball: Big Ten Conference Tournament-Minnesota vs Rutgers Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Goodness. Actual basketball news of a Big Ten variety? In August? Must be schedule release time.

Too busy to click the link? Here’s what the Gophers B1G schedule looks like:

Things to note

  • December games are still a thing, with Minnesota going on the road to Ohio State to start the conference season followed by Nebby at home.
  • Minnesota ended up with Indiana, Iowa, Michigan State, Northwestern, Ohio State, and Penn State as their “one play” opponents.

Quick takeaways

  • It’s nice to get Penn State, Iowa, and Indiana at home for the one game. It stinks to get Michigan State and Northwestern on the road for the team’s only game against the Spartans. If it matters that Illinois is on the road we’ve got problems.
  • The weekend home game slate sucks, unless watching a potentially still bad Iowa team just because they’re Iowa is your thing. Not a big deal overall, but probably won’t help casual fan walk up sales.
  • Basketball is coming and it feels weird to write that already.

What’s everyone think?