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Minnesota Football: Gopher QB Zack Annexstad Interviewed on SportsCenter

Did you know he is a freshman walk-on quarterback?

Gopher QB Zach Annexstad was on SportsCenter Tuesday morning.
Youtube screenshot

Did you know that Zack Annexstad is set to become on the second ever walk-on freshman quarterback to start for a Power 5 team when he takes his first snap Thursday night? In case you didn’t, ESPN’s Sportscenter is here to help.

This being a national interview and all, it’s no surprise that ESPN doesn’t know the full story of Annexstad’s arrival at Minnesota and made it sound like he just came to an open try-out and then beat everyone out. But even incorrect publicity is good publicity. In fact, this is such good publicity for the Minnesota Golden Gophers that head coach P.J. Fleck broke one of his own rules in that freshmen are not supposed to talk to the media. He has not been allowed to talk to any of the local beat writers as of yet, but when ESPN comes calling, its tough to say no.

From the interview you can tell that Annexstad is a pretty even keeled guy, which can be a good quality in a quarterback. His reaction when Coach Fleck told him he won the job was pretty good.

They also showed a clip of Zack helping in the reveal that his brother Brock was going to be awarded a scholarship. Zack talked about how he had been through a lot with his brother and how great a moment it was for him.

Of course then Zack gets asked what his first touchdown celebration would be. Anyone who knows about the Gophers and P.J. Fleck knows that he wants players to just hand the ball back to the referee, but once again, that’s what you get in a national interview where they don’t have that insight.

Take a look if you haven’t seen it before. It’s just five minutes long and it will give you a little more insight into the Gophers’ new starting quarterback.