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Minnesota Hockey: So That McAlpine Hire? Not So Fast

It appears things have hit a significant snag

A-League Rd 11 - Central Coast v Heart
Photo by Tony Feder/Getty Images

Remember like five days ago when it appeared that the Gophers were set to hire former Minnesota Golden Gophers defenseman Chris McAlpine as their second assistant coach for the upcoming season? Guess we need to actually wait for the official announcement from the U of M next time. Even though multiple sources =said that this was nearly a done deal, it appears some significant snag has come up.

That tweet makes it sound like it still could happen, but is just in wait and see mode. But this next tweet sort of makes it sound like this is not going to happen.

Now, I was taking Vegoe’s word five days ago that McAlpine was ready to take the job, so take all this with a grain of salt. But, it does appear that just 23 days from the first game of the season Minnesota is still looking for their second assistant on the bench to be hired.


Hopefully Motzko has another potential hire in mind fast, because the season is rapidly approaching.

In Better News...

According to UMD’s schedule on their website, it appears the Gophers opening game Saturday October 6th in Duluth against the Bulldogs will be on TV locally. The game is listed as being broadcast by MY 9 in Duluth, but also on FOX 9+ in the Twin Cities. For those not in the know, Fox 9+ is the channel formerly known as Channel 29 over the air, and can now be viewed on 9-2 over the air and on almost all cable and satellite packages. So Gophers fan can look forward to a big homecoming win over Iowa and then coming home t setting in to watch the Gophers ruin UMD’s National Championship banner drop night.

With luck Minnesota and BTN will release the Big Ten TV hockey schedule soon and we can see how many other road games the Gophers will have in TV this season. And we will actually have a second assistant coach before the season faces off.