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Minnesota Nice: S2E1 - Learning about Miami

We turn to the guy who covers Miami Football firsthand for his take on what Gophers fans should expect on Saturday.

Welcome back to the Minnesota Nice podcast. Just like last year, this is the shorter Pahd where we talk to a fan/writer of the team the Gophers are facing. We won’t have one every week, but it’s something we’ll try to mix in as often as possible.

Even though I live barely over a half hour away from Oxford, I realized coming into this week that I knew very little about the current version of the Miami football team. To fix that problem I spoke to Brady Pfister, the football beat writer for Miami’s student paper (otherwise known as the Miami Student). We covered why the Redhawks are throwing the ball more than usual, their coach’s hot seat, whether they can take advantage of Gophers offensive line, the school’s connection to Last Chance U, and where to eat in Oxford, OH.