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Minnesota Football vs. Maryland Terrapins: Staff Predictions

Well, we all agree this is going to be a close one...

Predictions time! In general we all think this will be a close game between Minnesota and Maryland. Most of us think it’s a win. Here’s hoping the majority is right!

The predictions

This week’s thoughts

GopherNation: This is going to be an ugly game with a lot of mistakes. Zack Annexstad has his first “bad game” of the year. But special teams and defense play well, offense does just enough and the Gophers win.

GoAUpher: I honestly have no clue what to expect because I don’t know which Maryland team we’ll see. This is a team that clearly possesses talent but that is also capable of losing to TEMPLE WHICH OMG NO. Also while the signs on Annexstad continue to be better, there’s no way we’ll know how functional he is health wise until he takes the field. So I’ve just decided to be optimistic and go with a close win.

gopherguy05: Gophers win on a Carp field goal as time expires.

IowaGopher: It’s a toss-up game. To predict victory for the other team under such conditions would be tantamount to treason. Tread carefully, fellow prognosticators.

zipsofakron: If this were a home game I’d be inclined to take the Gophers, but with Rodney on the shelf and Zack presumably not fully healthy, I’m a little nervous about this team going on the road for the first time. This one’s going to sting.

WSR: I think these two teams are, once again, very well matched. The difference will be that Maryland’s BOR is going to mess with the team’s mind on Friday by announcing the fate of Durkin. I wish nothing but the best for the guys on the Maryland team starting Sunday.

mowe0018: So I was all excited to pick Maryland and claim that I was sticking to my preseason predictions and I was doing that because when I did it for Fresno State we won... but then I saw that I had actually predicted us to win this game in the preseason predictions. So I’m torn between helping the Gopher win via reverse jinx and sticking to my original prediction. Yes, I know I sound insane. No, I do not care about my pick W-L record if it means more Gopher victories. Yes, I am not just a little-stitious, I am superstitious. Reverse-jinx..... ENGAGE.

Season “record” so far

No change after the expected win over Miami last week.