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Opponent Nugz: Maryland

A quick view from the opponent’s sideline.

NCAA Football: Temple at Maryland Art Pittman-USA TODAY Sports

It’s Big Ten season for Minnesota, and the Gophers will open the conference schedule against Maryland on Saturday. This is exactly how the 2017 campaign began for Minnesota, i.e. a 3-0 record and a Big Ten opener against Maryland. The Gophers lost that game 31-24 even though the Terps had to play a third-string quarterback. Let’s hope the outcome is very different in 2018.

The Gophers are not favored to win, but that’s mostly because Maryland is at home.

So what’s happening in College Park?

Goodness, where do we start? First, there are problems much greater than mere football at Maryland these days. Today, the school’s Board of Regents will meet to discuss the school’s investigation into Jordan McNair’s tragic death. This is separate from a second investigation into Maryland’s “toxic culture” problem.

The situation on the field isn’t that much better right now.

Everything we did was bad. I called every play and I should’ve called a whole bunch of different ones because they didn’t work. So ultimately, that’s it. I did a bad job.

Which Maryland will show up against Minnesota?

On paper, Maryland is the slightly better team, but as last year’s game proved, the paper is useless here. It would be better for the Gophers if the Terps look like they did against Temple on Saturday.