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Minnesota Football struggles at Maryland, losing 42-13

Not ideal.

NCAA Football: Minnesota at Maryland Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

Hey so that was a thing that happened. The Gophers played poorly for most of the game and a much sharper Maryland team made them pay, beating Minnesota 42-13. Let’s just get to it.

Cover your eyes

  • The offensive tackles were offensive to watch today. Goodness what hot garbage this game was for Sam Schlueter and Donnell Greene.
  • Run defense. The good news is that Iowa isn’t a jet sweep team...well, yet.

Also not ideal

  • The rest of the o-line? Also not great. They just didn’t get constantly (and I mean constantly) worked like Schlueter and Greene.
  • Shockingly a true freshman QB getting hit almost every time he drops back did not play well. That said, it was not all the offensive line’s fault. Zack Annexstad just struggled at times.
  • The defense CANNOT be without Antoine Winfield Jr. for an extended period. Whatever it is, I hope it’s not too bad.

Rays of sunshine

  • Drive to end the first half was nice. On the flip side, we got to see really good Zack for a whole series and it was a definite bright spot.
  • Rashod Bateman is a stud. No, that’s it. Still looking forward to him every week.

Actually good things

  • Jacob Herbers seems to have fixed whatever ailed him the first two weeks of the season. The Gophers never really took advantage, but he gave them plenty of good field position.
  • Emmit Carpenter is still really good at kicking oblong shaped items through yellow sticks. Good on ya Carp.