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Minnesota Football vs. Fresno State: Staff Predictions

The one where we start to disagree.

It’s Friday, so that means it’s staff predictions time. Last week we were 9-0, with everyone smart enough to realize that Minnesota was not going to lose to New Mexico State. This week? Well let just say some of us are no longer going to have a perfect record after the Fresno State game.

The predictions

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This week’s thoughts

GoAUpher: I’ll be a lot more bullish on this season with a win. Things aren’t doomed if we lose, but an early win over a quality non-con opponent would help me feel better headed into the Big Ten season at the end of this month. So here’s hoping I’m terrible at prognostication!

UStreet: Be excited about a bowl appearance if I’m wrong and the Gophers win.

Season “record” so far

We’re all tied up through Week 1.

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