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WATCH: Antoine Winfield, Jr.’s game-saving interception in the end zone

See it to believe it

NCAA Football: New Mexico State at Minnesota Jesse Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

Here it is. In case you missed it — and I pity those who did — Minnesota Golden Gophers defensive back Antoine Winfield, Jr. saved the game tonight with an acrobatic interception in the end zone, sealing a 21-14 victory over the Fresno State Bulldogs. Had the pass been caught, Fresno State would have almost certainly tied the game on the ensuing extra point, then who knows what happens after that.

But it never came to that, thanks to Winfield.

But enough build-up. Watch the play (over and over again):

Within the context of the game, it was already a highlight reel moment. But the athleticism required to make this specific play takes it to another level entirely.