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Gophers on the road to face #5 Michigan - OPEN THREAD

The Gopher road warriors face the Big Ten’s best team

NCAA Basketball: Penn State at Minnesota Harrison Barden-USA TODAY Sports


Ann Arbor


6:00 PM





Michigan is just so good and John Beilein has such a great system that’s really tough to defend. The Wolverines have the right players this year and they are so good on both ends of the floor. Wisconsin just beat them in Madison, it is virtually impossible to win there right? So are they doing to go down twice in a row?



Have got to get to their shooters - Wisconsin just gave Michigan their first loss of the year and they were greatly helped by Michigan only shooting 5/18 from three. The only other games that were under 30% were at Illinois but nobody has trouble winning there and at Northwestern. But this offense is predicated on spreading you out, sucking in your defense and hitting open shooters. Their spacing is amazing and their passing to shooters is incredible. This is not an easy task, but must hold them to under 30% from three.


Slow down Brazdeikis - Ignas Brazdeikis is the team’s leading scorer as a freshman and in the Wisconsin loss he was held scoreless. He has cooled as of late shooting just 2/13 in his last 5 games. He’s back home, he didn’t play well in their loss, I suspect he is going to get going...Jordan Murphy needs to play a great game defensively.


Rebound - On both ends of the floor, just dominate the glass. It will help tremendously. Michigan is great at forcing teams to NOT shoot very well and then they are even better at securing the rebound on those missed shots. Extra shots coming from offensive rebounds would be huge against this talented club. This should maybe the best top key.


No way I’m picking the Gophers to win this one. Outside of one game, we have sucked on the road. Michigan plays great defense and you have to work so hard to keep up with their scoring. Is a win possible? Certainly, this Gopher team is talented. But I have no confidence in this one.

Minnesota - 67
Michigan - 78